What is a Car Bubble

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What is a Car Bubble and What’s the Point

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What is a Car Bubble and What’s the Point – Innovation in the automotive field is only getting faster, there are many new technologies created. Starting from the faster engine technology, AI technology and also no less important is the protection technology for vehicles. This technology will facilitate vehicle users.

One of the technologies to provide protection to our vehicles is Car Bubble. This technology is included in the innovation that is very useful to protect our vehicles. For those of you who are still confused about this technology. You can read this article that discusses What Is a Car Bubble and What’s the Point.

What is a Car Bubble and What’s the Point

Because this car bubble is an innovation that has just been created, it is not surprising that there are some people who do not know what the functions and uses of the car bubble are. So that you understand and understand, here is an explanation of What is a Car Bubble and What’s the Point.

What is Car Bubble?

Car bubble is an air bubble technology, where your vehicle will later be inserted into an air bubble so that it will be protected from various things. Car bubble has also been equipped with various support systems that will facilitate you as a vehicle owner.

Car bubbles also usually have a variety of models that can be adjusted to the type of vehicle that is owned. In addition there are also two types of bubble cars, Car Bubble Outdoor and Bubble Car Indoor. Both types have the same function, which is to protect your vehicle.

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As for the material used is of very high quality so you don’t need to worry if the air bubbles will be damaged. This innovation itself is still new, so there are rarely stores that sell it. You can buy it online at Amazonprotection.co.id site.

What are the functions of the Car Bubble?

Car bubble provides a lot of convenience for vehicle owners, compared to using a regular car cover. Here are some of the advantages that you will get if you use a car bubble for your vehicle.

1. Protect the Vehicle from Bad Weather

The first thing you will get if you use a car bubble on your vehicle is that your vehicle will be protected from bad weather like rain. With quality materials, you don’t need to worry about air bubbles leaking and rain water on your vehicle inside.

2. Protect Vehicles from Disturbing Animals

Animals such as cats, rats and cockroaches are animals that can pollute and damage vehicles. For example, cats will usually get on the vehicle and make the vehicle dirty. While rats if they enter the machine can damage the cable and cause fatal damage. Meanwhile, cockroaches if you feel comfortable can breed in your vehicle.

3. Protect from dust and dirt

Because the vehicle will be inside an air bubble, you don’t need to worry that the vehicle will get dirty from dust or other particles. Car bubble also has an air filter system so that dirty air does not go directly into the air bubbles and keep your vehicle clean while in the air bubbles.

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That’s the full discussion about What is a Car Bubble and What’s the Point. After you read the discussion above if you are interested in using car bubbles as a tool to protect your vehicle.

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